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Masterspace Sous vide Food Vacuum bag (20 pcs)
Masterspace Sous vide Food Vacuum bag (20 pcs)

Masterspace Sous vide Food Vacuum bag (20 pcs)

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  • Multipurpose - use our product as Sous Vide Cooking Bag, Reusable Food Storage Bag, Sandwich Bag, Freezer Bags at home, work or travel, save space and keep your food fresh 2 - 5 times longer.
  • BPA Free - sous vide vacuum bags made of BPA free plastic. It's safe for freezing, microwave or cooking at high temperatures and can keep vacuum seal long term
  • Easy to use - Put your food into reusable Sous Vide Bag, seal it by using Padapter and Pacum pump out the air through the valve, Finally, (Special note) just press the sticker "Air Valve" once to hold long term seal
  • ALL IN ONE - Includes 20 reusable sous vide vacuum bags Plus 4 Sealing Clips, 4 Sous Vide Bag Clips
  • Size  = 26 * 28 cm ~ 10.23 * 11 Inch

Extend Your Foods Freshness

Placing your food in vacuum storage is proven to keep it fresher.
You seal in the freshness and prevent decay from the air. In just a few seconds you can vacuum out the air, place it in a reusable bag, and seal it using clips. Keep it stored or take it out whenever to cook.

Store Your Food Longer

Not only does your food taste better, you can also keep it good for longer. A vacuum keeps the moisture and nutrients in your food. You avoid dryness and the classic feeling of wondering if that take-out is still good.

Protect Your Ingredients 

One of the little-known benefits of vacuum packing is that it keeps bacteria out, as they don’t have the oxygen they need to survive. This is on top of keeping out water spills, odors from other foods, and anything else.

Quick and Easy To Use

Insert your food in the bag, put Pacum on the air valve and then just wait a minute. All the air is removed without wasting your time.

Delicious “Sous Vide” Cooking

Sous Vide is a luxurious French cooking technique. You place food in a bag and then use warm water to masterfully cook it. These bags are small and durable enough to cook your meat in.

BPA Free & Usable

If you don’t like storing your food in plastic -- don’t worry. These bags are made from 100% BPA free food grade silicone. They are premium quality bags made of the same materials used by restaurants to store their food. Your food stays safe and chemical free. Can be reused over hundreds of times.