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Charwego - 45W charger that charge MacBook in 200 countries

Charwego - 45W charger that charge MacBook in 200 countries

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The speedy power travel adapter that lets you charge six devices at the same time. Work in 200+ Countries

Your *Flawless* International Power Plug

- Macbook Charging

Make Everywhere Home

Charge Six Devices At the Same Time

Super Speedy Charging

One Travel Adapter For All Your Adventures


Recharge Your Battery
Travel Worry Free!

Your *Flawless* International Power Plug

Your *Flawless* International Power PlugYou need to stay connected when you travel. You visit different countries every year. You have lots of devices. Boring old chargers are obsolete. Charwego is your universal travel adapter. Charge six devices in more than two hundred countries across the world. The charger that changes your life.

Macbook Charging

Most international travel adapters are not strong enough to charge a MacBook Pro or comparable laptops. Charwego was specifically designed for your laptop.You can use Charwego for your travels and for home. There’s no reason to pay for overpriced chargers when Charwego does a better job for less. 

Charge Six Device At the same time

When you trek through a city all you’ll need is one “pit stop.” Connect your phone, camera, earphones, and laptop. All devices charge while you sip a coffee or exotic cocktail and get ready for the second half of your day.Works just as well at home. With Charwego one outlet charges all your devices

Charwego includes 1 USB-C port, 4 USB-A ports, and a universal AC outlet.

Super Speedy Charging

Charwego isn’t your dad’s phone charger. It’s got serious power.Charge a 13” MacBook Pro in around two hours and 15 mins. Charge an iPhone 11 Pro or Samsung Galaxy S20 from zero to half-charge in just thirty minutes.

Make Everywhere Home

You can now confidently explore (almost) every country in the world. Charwego’s four different built-in adapters give you international freedom.Don’t be afraid to get lost in the streets of Paris or the markets of Bali. Charwego works in every continent. Find a small restaurant or cafe and plug in your Charwego. You can easily plot your route home or say hi to Mom.All you have to do is slide one of the side buttons.

Four different configurations cover 13 types of wall plugs Use in 200+ Countries

One Adapter For All Your Adventures

Most travel adapters are ridiculously expensive! It typically comes out to $20 for every country! Just in Europe you would have to buy three: Continental, UK, and Scotland. That’s crazy.With Chargwego you just press & slide the side buttons. Change adapters from France, to Egypt, to Mexico in just seconds.

Press , Slide & Lock Control System

Auto Resetting Fuse

Protect your device when you travel. When you are travelling, your phone or laptop might accidentally draw too much power. Most adapters break when that happens. Charwego’s special auto-resetting fuse protects your device and your adapter.

Power Up Instead of Slowing Down

Charwego is super light and the same size as a credit card! You won’t even realize it’s there until you grab it to quickly power all your devices.

Your bag and luggage stays mobile and light on all your journeys. Keep in your purse or laptop bag for maximum convenience.

Always Safe

And JUST in case something were to happen... Charwego is pet and baby proof. That big universal A/C plug has a baby shield built into it. So if someone goes poking around absolutely nothing will happen!

You can confidently leave your Charwego anywhere in your kitchen, office, or bedside. Whatever is the most convenient for you.

Your High Wattage Devices Too!

Charwego really does it all. Charge even your neediest devices. That includes stuff like a hair dryer, straightener, or electric kettle.Charwego makes your life easier and more convenient. Uncover a world of stress free travel and lodging. Make any location your home no matter your lifestyle.