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Storage space management is a discipline in Hong Kong. In this place where every inch of land is worth every inch of gold, we should make good use of every inch we live here.

When you mention Hong Kong, you will think of its international metropolis, multiculturalism and the city that never sleeps. However, the residential area of the population is also an alternative feature of Hong Kong: in Hong Kong, the average residential area of the population is only 161 feet. 161 feet is about the size of a parking space.

When the living environment becomes narrow, the management of storage space becomes particularly important. How to effectively save space and create more space for oneself in a narrow space is a question that Hong Kong people have been exploring.

As we travel, when we put our personal belongings in a 20-to-28-inch suitcase, it's just as annoying for family travelers as managing the storage space at home. The clothes worn in winter are very heavy and very occupying the position? Too much laundry to put in? When our team noticed these troublesome problems, we were determined to change it!

We created MasterSpace together in 2017.

Although we have different backgrounds, we share the same belief. We developed Pacum from the accumulated knowledge of space management in our lifetime, which was officially launched in Kickstarter in January 2019.

" Everyone can become A Master for space control !