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How to Pack Your Suitcase for a Family Trip

The Best Way to Pack A Suitcase (Use Vacuum Bags)

Packing a suitcase might seem like an easy task, it is in fact one of the things that many travelers get wrong. The luggage space you have never seems to be enough because not only do you need to pack your clothes, but souvenirs and other things to bring back on your return trip! Luckily, it only takes ten seconds and a few space-saving concepts before you can greatly reduce your struggle for luggage space. Travelers can enjoy each and every trip from start to finish by taking advantage of these concepts and learning how to pack a suitcase!

Packing clothes in a suitcase

Choose the right suitcase for packing

A lot of review results show that oftentimes, suitcase space is not sufficient because the traveler has selected the wrong size suitcase. Choosing a practical suitcase and one that gives you plenty of room for storage is very important. What needs to be understood is that the individual traveler will be different from the family traveler. The main issue with family travel is that your child may not be able to carry their own luggage and the parents will need to bring their luggage along for them. Therefore, the following sizes are recommended depending on the type of traveler you are and the amount of time you will be traveling:

Separate traveler: (recommended)

Days Of Travel/JourneySuitcase Size 
5 Days 20" Suitcase
7 Days 24-26" Suitcase
10 Days28" Suitcase

The family suitcase (1+1) holds the capacity of an adult plus one child.

Days Of Travel/JourneySuitcase Size 
4 Days 24" Suitcase
6 Days 28" Suitcase
8-10 Days32" Suitcase+

We also advise that you remember to check the airline's baggage restrictions before departure. The size and weight restrictions are important information to prevent the event that a luggage fee is charged for carrying an unsuitable/overweighed suitcase.


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The management of the luggage space actually needs to start before departure, and the weather situation is an important part of it. If the trip takes you to a more severe/extreme weather region, it is recommended to bring a larger suitcase for bulkier clothing like waterproof and warm jackets.

For example, if you want to travel from Hong Kong to Canada, don't assume that the weather in Canada will be cold. The most important thing is to check the local weather report. If it is a severe summer, the down feathers you bring may become a waste of space.

To view weather reports, we recommend that you use Weather Forecast, which simply enters your destination and displays weather reports for the next ten days. 

Packing clothing into a suitcase


We recommend that you make your packing list before you start! By doing so, you can reduce the risk of missing things because you forgot them; you won't need to go to a store near your destination to buy the necessary supplies! To create a Packing List, we recommend you use Packtor, which makes it even more convenient!


Learning how to pack shoes in a suitcase is simple and should be done by everyone who is looking to conserve some extra space in their suitcase. Shoes can take up a huge portion of your available space if you’re not careful. Be sure to place socks, underwear and other small items inside the shoe so there isn’t unused space, as well as stacking them back-to-front. Another useful tip for how to pack shoes in a suitcase is to place them in a plastic bag to avoid the soles touching clean clothes.


Fold your clothes when packing a suitcase

Everyone knows that you should efficiently organize your suitcase. It is a good idea to fold your clothes neatly. Neat baggage effectively increases the carrying capacity of your suitcase! Load your clothes into the suitcase in a folded manner. In general, your luggage will be perfect if the clothes only account for 1/3 of the total luggage space. Learn more about 9 Genius ways to fold clothes to save space

Packing a suitcase with organized bags

Organized bags have been on the rise for a few years, putting your clothes neatly into one place and compressing them clothes without any tools! They are far more efficient than just folding and come in plenty of sizes and colors. These packing cubes can be repeatedly used and neatly arrange your belongings. In other words, it is to improve your luggage space. Learn more about how to pack a suitcase using packing cubes here


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Pacum Vacum

Packing a suitcase with vacuum bags

When it comes to the most efficient storage method, vacuum bags are unbeatable. Vacuum storage bags can greatly reduce the space occupied by your clothes. Take down jacket as an example: the volume of the down jacket can be greatly reduced by more than 80% by compressing it in a vacuum storage bag!

Why do we often say this method is the best way to pack a suitcase? Because in comparison to the above two methods of storage, vacuum bags can free up far more storage space. Place the folded clothes in a vacuum storage bag and use Pacum to extract air and compact its size. More importantly, the Pacum Bag is the only vacuum storage bag on the market designed for travel. The size of 50cm*50cm is specially designed for suitcases, making it neither too big nor inefficient! 

Pacum Vacuum on Suitcase Luggage

Pacum is an excellent solution for freeing up more luggage space. Smaller than the size of the iPhone, it provides more pressure than a vacuum cleaner. It takes only a minute or so to compress the Pacum Bag by 50% or more. Pacum offers more than just a single use bag, with Padaptor available for most other brands of vacuum storage bags. These bags can also be used for food, while Pacum can also be used to inflate items such as football, basketball, swim rings and more. 

Other Packing Tips:
The following packing tips are also great for learning how to pack a suitcase in the best way possible:

 Pack as many socks and undergarments into your shoes as will fit, then set the shoes in the bottom of the bag. Congratulations! This is the first layer of luggage.

 On top of your shoes, lay down a layer of heavier rolled items—jeans, sweaters, etc.—packing them in as tightly as they'll go. This not only minimizes wasted space, it also prevents the rolls from coming undone during transit.

 If you have any fragile items that aren't being brought as carry-on items, place them in the center of the bag on top of the heavy-roll layer to protect them from breakage.

 Your next layer should consist of lighter rolled items like t-shirts and undergarments, also tightly packed to prevent unrolling.

 In the top of the suitcase, place your folded items. This will allow easy access to them upon arrival for unfolding and hanging. You can also place these items in a dry cleaning bag to help prevent wrinkling.

 Any additional lightweight items—underwear, belts, socks, etc.—should then be crammed into any available nook or cranny to help stabilize the packing. You’ll be surprised at how many small air pockets are in the corners and sides of the suitcase.

The last and most common mistake when packing a suitcase

Many travelers pack their electronic devices into checked luggage. This is not recommended! Usually your electronic devices are much more expensive than your airline ticket, and there have also been many cases of electronic devices being broken just because of the airline company transportation. Remember to carry all your electronic devices in your carry-on luggage. This is the best of the best pieces of advice when it comes to packing a suitcase!

We hope you know that packing a suitcase is easy if you know how. It is not that difficult. As long as you organize all your clothes, you will have much more space in your suitcase. But you should remember not to exceed the airline’s luggage weight restriction; otherwise, you may have to pay a luggage fee.


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