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Top 10 Best Travel Accessories To Suit Every Traveller’s Needs

Are you going on a trip overseas this vacation? Regardless of whether you’re going to a far-flung overseas destination or somewhere closer to home, you always need to go well-prepared and packed with the best travel accessories available.

Technology has changed the way we live our lives. With special regards to travelling, there are countless easy to carry and space saving travel accessories that can make your trip more comfortable, enjoyable and stress-free.

Read on to discover our top 10 best travel accessories that fit every traveller’s needs.   



When travelling, the last thing you want to do is lose something important. Whether it be your ID card, your money or anything else, it can make your journey a stressful experience. For both security and peace of mind, many travellers choose to bring with them a travel wallet or small bag that is always kept on their person. While these are very convenient and great travel accessories for both men and women, they can still be misplaced, lost, or pickpocketed from.

A travel belt is one of the most secure ways to store your money and other small important items. Functionally, it serves as a normal belt. But it is also virtually impossible to steal from and can be handy in certain situations.



Some of the best travel accessories are also the simplest in nature. Travelling comes with plenty of restrictions nowadays – but in particular is control over liquid goods. Many of us would choose to simply leave items like shampoo behind and get something at your destination – or buy smaller bottles as you travel. While this is a solution, you will most likely not be able to get your favourite type or brand.

By having a variety of mini bottles and containers, you can easily take exactly what you need and not have to scramble around for usually overpriced travel packs at the airport or at your destination. These mini containers can also come in handy for things like medication where you don’t want to bring the whole big bottle to save space in your luggage. Simply pack what you need and no more.

Another great part about these is that they are completely reusable. Being as environmentally friendly as you travel is always a benefit.



This travel accessory might seem redundant, but it can come in extremely handy. When travelling, we typically bring more baggage with us on our return journeys. Whether it be souvenirs, presents, food or anything else we buy while travelling, this can add some extra unaccounted-for weight to your baggage.

If your airline has strict rules about the weight, it can pay off to know exactly how much your baggage weighs, so you don’t have to unpack your belongings at the airport.

Many of these small digital luggage scales are very small and portable and can easily be taken with you on your travels without being a burden.



When travelling to new destinations, one must-have travel accessory is an adapter cube. Most counties you visit won’t have the same plug type as where you come from and having to rush around to buy one when you arrive is never a fun experience.

With an all-in-one adapter cube like these, you never have to worry about having the right type of plug and your laptop, phone, tablet or any other electronic devices won’t be running out of power. A well-engineered and compact design also means these adapter cubes aren’t much bigger than single adapter, so they won’t take up too much space in your bag.



Travelling can be a long and arduous process. If you’re flying from Hong Kong to the US, for example, you will need some entertainment along the way. Nowadays, everything is digital. Whether it’s reading the news, watching videos, listening to music, messaging loved ones or doing some work, you will be using your phone, tablet, or computer. All of these require power and will inevitably run out of battery on a long-haul journey.

Save yourself the trouble of trying to find a power socket at the airport or while you’re travelling and bring an Anker portable power bank.

Small and lightweight, this travel accessory will take up barely any space in your bag and can give you more battery life than you will need on all of your electronic devices. Just make sure you buy a power bank from a safe and reputable brand, and that it is within the power limits of what you are allowed to travel with.


Reusable Grocery Tote Bags


Depending on where you go, shopping can be a big part of your travels. This is where a large tote bag becomes a travelling essential. However, traditional tote bags can take a lot of space and can be heavy to carry around - but not this one. This is an extra-large tote bag made of 100% RIP-STOP nylon, which is ideal for shopping as it is lightweight yet incredibly sturdy and resistant to water and rips.

We love this bag because it is eco-friendly, lightweight, and very compact. Moreover, it is a multifunctional bag in which you can carry cosmetics, jewellery, camera gear, toiletries, and more.

Being waterproof, this wonderful bag can protect all your precious items from getting wet. The bag is fashionable and comes in different modern geometric designs and offers a 1-year rip warranty. All the features of this wonderful product make it one of the best travel accessories for women available on the market today.

trtl Pillow


Everyone wants to make their journey as comfortable as possible. Having a travel pillow is essential for this, and we have therefore decided to include it as number 4 in our list of best travel accessories.

In fact, the travel pillow by Trtl is a perfect companion of those who travels in planes, buses, trains, and so. It has been proven to keep your neck and head relaxed and in ergonomic position all through your journey while resting, helping you get better sleep.

We strongly recommend it because you can use this versatile pillow for extra support as you travel. Since it packs down small, you can say goodbye to all those bulky pillows that only add weight to your luggage and are cumbersome to carry around.  

It contains high-quality, super soft fleece with cosy cushioning. Being very soft to the touch means your skin won't get irritated. Moreover, the machine-washable pillow comes in assorted colours to suit your style. Affordable pricing makes it great value for money and guarantees you no more neck pain on the flight.

 SCOTTeVEST Mens Pack Windbreaker Jacket


This 19-pocket jacket is a perfect windbreaker with a detachable hood and is great for carrying around all your precious items as you travel. Having more than one pocket in the jacket allows you to carry your passport, camera, phone, and more in one secure and accessible place.

This lightweight windbreaker is water and stain-repellent, which is a must for travelling and when you won’t be able to wash it properly at short notice. It also stows easily and packs perfectly, making it extremely versatile and easy to carry around. Lastly, it comes with a detachable key chain and a water bottle holder. The jacket is also completely machine washable and quick drying. Still wondering why we think this is one of the best travel accessories for men?

Native Union Stow Organizer 


Securing and organising your cables and chargers is always a pain while travelling. With an electronics organiser from Native Union, you’ll no longer have this struggle.

This gem of an organiser is just the right size to hold all your essentials and is made with high-quality canvas and exquisite craftsmanship. Get the best of both worlds with an item that is both functional and great looking. Designed to be super sturdy and with a minimalist aesthetic, it features multiple pockets and loops for chargers, cables, chargers, and more. Don’t forget about the exterior pocket for convenient access to daily essentials.

When it comes to protecting your electronic devices, the Native Union organiser has you covered. It features a resistant textile exterior and quilted interior to safeguard your belongings against daily wear and tear. A waterproof zipper and coated canvas, on the other hand, add extra protection from the elements. At this price with a one-year warranty, this is one of the best travel accessories for both men and women.



Vacuum sealers are without a doubt one of the most incredible space-saving travel accessories on the market – particularly when it comes to travelling. However, not every vacuum sealer is created equal, which brings us to Pacum.

Pacum is a tiny yet super space-saving device that is faster than any other mini-compressor on the market today. Though it is amazingly small in size, it can help you save up to 80% space.

The Pacum handheld vacuum is also multifunctional. You can now pack luggage easier as it can compress items 4 times faster, doubling your saving capacity. Moreover, the compact size makes it easy to travel with, and you can even store food more cleanly and efficiently with it. Lastly, Pacum not only compresses, but can also inflate. This versatility is part of what we believe makes Pacum the best travel accessory.


Wrapping It Up:

Next time when you are planning on going travelling, do not forget to keep these travel accessories with you. Whether you need help with smaller items or with packing down all your belongings, these accessories can make travelling a much more organised, relaxed and comfortable experience. 

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Masterspace Sous vide Food Vacuum bag (20 pcs)
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Pacum - Double your luggage space in just 90 seconds
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Pacum - Handheld Vacuum Sealing System
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