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Best 5 packing hack dramatically save 80% of space for travel

Do you always have trouble packing your luggage for a trip? If space control is the issue, we have packing hacks to help. Masterspace has a new line of products that can help you pack your goods with plenty of room to spare. Here is a list of the best 5 ways to use these tools to save space for more packing. 

Use Our Special Packing Tools

We have a wide range of packing tools, including our special Vacuum Sealer Bag and Packing Cube. These special packing hack ideas have been designed to save you over 80 percent of space. They work by cutting down the bulk of items such as duvets, skiing clothes, etc. 

An Electronic Organizer bag

Organize Your Bag for Electronic Devices

Another important packing hack for travel is to use an electronic organizer bag. This bag can be used for a wide range of accessories. These include chargers, cables, SD cards, and many more. An electronic organizer bag also protects these sensitive items from damage. 

Use your sunglasses Case

Use Your Sunglasses Case

Need another handy travel hack? It's a good idea to make use of a special sunglasses case. This case will not only keep your travel shades safe, but it can also be a great place to store other small but very important items. These include cables, earrings, earbuds, and others. 

Mini Container

Use Special Mini Containers

You don't have to stuff the whole bottle or pill container into your suitcase. Use mini containers to handle these small items. This way, you can bring them along without making a major mess or creating a huge load that is hard to carry onboard.

Luggage Compartment

Use the Right Size Luggage with Compartments

Many brands of luggage offer compartments for different needs, such as for your laptop, medications, snacks, etc. Using the right size of luggage matters because you need special compartments to fit all of these items and then organize them. 


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